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Birmingham: Masked Islamist sends a chilling message to BJP! – Video

Περισσότερα Νέα

On September 20 (local time), around 200 Islamists circled the Hindu temple in Birmingham amid chants of Allah-Hu-Akbar. One of the Islamists that have gathered allegedly to protest against Sadhvi Ritambhara’s event at the Durga Bhawan Hindu Center, which was already postponed, sent a spine-chilling message to the supporters of BJP and RSS.

In the video, the masked Islamist warned Hindu supporters of BJP and RSS that they were not welcomed in the UK. He said, “This is a message from Birmingham to the BJP and RSS Hindutva supporters. You are not welcome in Birmingham. You are not welcome in Leicester. You are not welcomed anywhere in the UK. None of your speakers, none of your hate speakers, are allowed to organize this b**lsh*t. We are now here outside the Mandir. It is a peaceful protest of more than 200 people. We just want to let you know if you come down, we are all gonna be here for you. Even the speaker cancelled look how many turned up.” He further indicated that they did not have any issue with the Hindus of the UK as they grew up with them, but they would not allow the “supporters of RSS and BJP” to come to the UK.


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