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‘Let’s clean them from Leicester as we did from Kashmir’: Hindu families leaving amid threat messages from Islamists!

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On September 21 (local time), Charlotte Littlewood, a research fellow at Henry Jackson Society who has been following anti-Hindu attacks in Leicester and Birmingham, revealed that there were threatening messages from Islamists suggesting they wanted to ‘clean’ Hindus from Leicester just like they ‘did from Kashmir.’ The shocking revelation was made during an interview with GB News.

Charlotte said during her on-ground research, she found that the tension between the Hindu and Muslim communities had been brewing for months in Leicester, and according to her, it was more of a territorial dispute rather than political. The tension resulted in attacks on the Hindus who were displaying Hindu symbols in their cars and homes. “I have now knowledge of six, potentially nine [Hindu] families left the area because of the violence,” she added. Some of the families have returned, but they were reportedly hiding the Hindu symbols.

Charlotte said, “When only 30 [Islamists] gathered on the streets of Leicester, there was a call for more brothers. We saw it go from 30 to 200. Half of them were from outside Leicester. Now we are aware of an Instagram account and various private social media accounts with thousands of followers in which there calls to ‘chop up Hindu community,’ ‘clean them from Leicester as we did from Kashmir,’ ‘put those dogs down.”

She called it ‘a very sickening afternoon’ while she went through the social media posts. “It was an absolutely organized gang of Islamists that are being fronted by what I would call extreme Islamist influencers with half a million plus followers on YouTube who have been calling for people to come to Leicester and Birmingham,” she said.

Charlotte said the next target of these Islamists appeared to be the Indian High Commission in London.

Attacks on Hindus in Leicester and Birmingham
The Hindu community in the UK, particularly in Leicester and Birmingham, is under attack by the Islamists. What initially appeared to be a clash between the two communities following the T20 match between India and Pakistan, where the latter lost, turned out to be a well-planned and well-organized attack on Hindus, their homes, businesses, and properties in Leicester. Several arrests were made by the Police following the attack on Hindus in the city.

Later, calls were made by the “Islamist influencers” to gather in Birmingham to circle a Hindu temple to mark a “peaceful protest” against an event where Sadhvi Ritambhara was scheduled to appear. Despite the event being postponed a week before the scheduled date, the Islamists circled the Hindu temple, hurled abuses, and threatened to attack Hindus if they were followers of BJP and RSS.


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