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Uyghur-American politician calls out China’s alleged trade in ‘Halal Organs’

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The situation regarding the treatment of Uyghurs in China is deeply concerning and has raised serious allegations of human rights abuses, including forced organ harvesting.

In a post on X, Uyghur-American politician Salih Hudayar stated, “China has inaugurated a “Children’s Organ Transplant Centre.” As part of the Uyghur genocide, China has been harvesting Uyghurs’ organs and selling them as “halal organs.” Since 2014, nearly a million Uyghur children have been forcibly separated from their families. Is this another step in China’s ongoing Uyghur Genocide and notorious organ harvesting practices?”

There have been allegations and reports from various sources, including human rights organisations and testimonies from individuals, suggesting that Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslim minorities in Xinjiang have faced severe repression, including forced labour, mass detention, and possibly forced organ harvesting.These claims are serious and demand thorough investigation and accountability.

According to the Minnesota-based non-profit organisation ‘World Without Genocide’, Uyghurs are reportedly being killed for their organs to meet the demands of a lucrative transplant industry valued at approximately $1 billion annually.

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These allegations are serious and have been raised by various human rights organizations, investigative journalists, and testimonies from individuals who claim to have been affected or have knowledge of such practices.

However, due to the secretive nature of the Chinese government and limited independent access to Xinjiang, verifying these claims with concrete evidence remains challenging.

International bodies and governments have called for investigations into these allegations, emphasising the need for transparency and accountability from Chinese authorities.

Advocacy groups continue to monitor the situation closely and push for international scrutiny to ensure the protection of human rights and dignity for all individuals affected.

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