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The Unmasking Of The Chinese Communist Party‘s Thuggery

Περισσότερα Νέα

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On March 25th, a series of events unfolded that exposed the true ruthless and thuggish nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to the world. The United States and United Kingdom announced sanctions on a Chinese state-run company and two Chinese nationals for their malicious cyber operations and campaigns targeting these countries. These are rare public acknowledgments of the CCP’s nefarious activities in the cyber realm.

But the revelations didn’t stop there. On that same day, reports surfaced of bomb threats being sent to theaters hosting the renowned Shen Yun Performing Arts company, a top target of the CCP’s suppression. This is part of an escalating campaign of intimidation and sabotage by the CCP against the New York-based arts group, which has captivated global audiences with its revival of authentic Chinese culture before communism.

The timing of these events laid bare the CCP’s desperate attempts to hide its own ugliness from the world while ruthlessly cracking down on those exposing its true colors. Shen Yun’s profound performances have earned worldwide acclaim for bringing to life China’s ancient traditions and values, while also courageously depicting on stage the modern-day repression by the communist regime.

The CCP’s attempts to undermine Shen Yun through threats, vandalism of tour buses, and other deplorable tactics underscore its fear of having its evil nature exposed. After seizing power in 1949, the CCP has systematically destroyed China’s heritage, dishonored its ancestors, and desecrated its cultural traditions. It has indoctrinated the populace with atheism and materialism, rapidly eroding the nation’s moral fabric.

Today, Chinese society is plagued by crises stemming directly from the CCP’s authoritarian rule and disregard for traditional values. From rampant corruption and fraud to shoddy construction, toxic consumer products, and unchecked aggression and crime, the societal chaos in China is a direct reflection of the CCP’s own moral bankruptcy.

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On the world stage, the CCP’s actions repeatedly showcase  its untrustworthiness. Its breach of the Sino-British Joint Declaration on Hong Kong’s autonomy and enactment of draconian security laws have drawn global condemnation. The regime’s aggressive “wolf warrior” diplomacy and collusion with rogue states and terrorist groups further underscore its menacing ambitions.

Alarmingly, the CCP also seeks to undermine Western democracies through economic coercion and exploitation of greed, aiming to turn free societies into accomplices by tying their fortunes to the communist regime. This insidious strategy chips away at democratic values and principles of freedom that form the bedrock of the West.

The events of March 25th pulled back the curtain on the CCP’s multi-pronged campaign of deception, cyber aggression, and outright thuggery. Its ruthless attempts to silence Shen Yun and its crackdown on Hong Kong’s democracy movements are mere glimpses into the depths of its malign nature.

For too long, the world has turned a blind eye to the CCP’s repression of its own people and steady erosion of human rights and dignity. The recent revelations must serve as a wake-up call, exposing the regime’s true colors as a hostile and deeply untrustworthy actor on the global stage.

It is imperative that democratic nations unite in defending universal values of freedom, human rights, and the rule of law from the CCP’s assault. Emboldened by economic power, the communist regime will stop at nothing to expand its authoritarian reach and silence any voices of dissent or opposition.

The courageous artists of Shen Yun and the countless others persecuted by the CCP for their beliefs are on the front lines of this struggle. By shining a light on the beauty of traditional Chinese culture and exposing the regime’s brutality, they represent the world’s best hope for loosening the CCP’s stranglehold on China’s people and steering the nation back towards its ancient values of harmony, benevolence, and human dignity.

The time has come for the international community to decisively reject the CCP’s campaign of repression, deception, and cyber aggression. Only by presenting a unified front in defense of freedom can the world overcome this existential threat to universal human rights and restore China’s pride as a great spiritual civilization.

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