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Pakistan: Balochistan Bar Council raises concern over removal of Baloch students from Punjab university

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Balochistan Bar Council has expressed concern over the removal of Baloch students from Punjab University and attacks on Baloch students by armed people, Pakistan vernacular media Express Daily reported.

As per the news report, Lahore police is allegedly supporting the criminals. Students from Balochistan were reportedly being tortured under a planned conspiracy, Express Daily reported.

Meanwhile, Punjab on Monday assured Balochistan of the release of innocent students who were arrested in the province after the crackdown following the violence that took place on May 9, ARY News reported.Punjab’s additional chief secretary gave the assurance to his Balochistan counterpart Salih Muhammad Nasir. The Punjab official assured the release of the Baloch students who were rounded up on ‘misunderstanding.’

The development comes after Balochistan Home Minister Mir Ziaullah Langoo took notice of the arrest of Baloch students in Punjab. In a statement, Langoo said that Baloch students who were visiting Punjab to study were facing ill-treatment.He condemned the ill-treatment of Baloch students and vowed not to leave them alone at any cost. The crackdown has been launched after the attacks on military installations and other properties on May 9, as per the ARY News report. It is pertinent to note here that protests erupted in Pakistan after the arrest of former Pakistan PM Imran Khan.

Last week, the Balochistan government expressed anger over the financial crisis, Dawn reported. The Balochistan government has claimed that the financial crisis has been caused by Pakistan federal government’s action to not pay the province’s constitutional share in the NFC award.The cabinet meeting, chaired by Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Qudoos Bizenjo on Tuesday criticised the “negative attitude of the federal finance and planning ministries,” as per the Dawn report.

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During the meeting, it was informed that Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had announced a grant of Pakistani Rupees (PKR) 10 billion for the rehabilitation of flood-affected people. However, the money was yet to be released after 10 months, as per the Dawn report.
Pakistan’s PM had ordered the finance and planning ministries to address the issue, however, nothing has been done so far. Balochistan ministers said that the negative attitude of the federal government was causing resentment and frustration among the people in the province.

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