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Greece plans to acquire an anti-missile, anti-drone dome according to Israel’s model

Περισσότερα Νέα

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Greece plans to acquire an anti-missile, anti-drone dome according to Israel’s model, expressed this morning Defense Minister Nikos Dendias.

“Initiatives have already been taken. It was evident via the wars in Ukraine, Gaza, that Greece needed to acquire air defense and anti-drone capabilities. Imagine it like a church with two separate domes,” Mr. Dendias added speaking on SKAI. “It won’t happen tomorrow morning, but surely in the future. There is a significant budget allocated for this purpose,” he stated.

“Türkiye is weighing in on drone production, however, systemically  Greece did not deem it necessary to fill this gap in its Armed Forces.”

Within this framework Minister of National Defense emphasised that Greece is not an aggressive force but needs to protect its territory. Greece can always defend itself. However, we must take steps to address any threat posed to us.

Message to Turkey

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With reference to provocations from the neighbouring country with regards to Greece’s development of environmental marine parks in the Aegean and in Ionian Minister Dendias expressed that “it is unacceptable that our neighbouring country is persistence on its line that Greece must make for their permission to be given the green light to protect its environmental in the Cyclades.

He continued by stating that if decide to fish on the island of  Antipaxos in the Ionian would the ambassador of Türkiye to Greece need to know.

Defense Minister Dendas stated that the two countries are not returning to previous periods of tension but noted that Türkiye does tend to have a hot-and-cold tactic. Although Greece’s neighbour wants to avoid taking issues to NATO and EU levels, it’s rhetoric does raise eyebrows.

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