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Afghanistan’s Central Bank to Soon Ban the Use of Pakistani Currency

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Central Bank warns against use of Pakistani currency in southwestern provinces

The Central Bank of Afghanistan has warned residents in the country’s southwestern provinces to cease their commercial transactions using the Pakistani currency (Rupee). The bank has set a deadline for this action.

The Central Bank has been promoting the use of the Afghani currency in the southwestern region since last week. Residents have been given two-and-a-half months to conduct their commercial transactions using the Afghani currency, and are advised to avoid dealing with foreign currencies.

The bank explicitly warns residents of the provinces of Kandahar, Uruzgan, Helmand, Zabul, and Dykundi to conduct their trade transactions using the national currency. After the specified date, all transactions with other currencies will be deemed illegal, and legal action will be taken against violators.

Escalating tensions and border skirmishes impact trade and regional stability

Amidst escalating tensions between Afghan and Pakistani border guards, a tragic incident unfolded, resulting in the loss of four children, two members of the Taliban forces, and two Pakistani forces due to skirmishes. This unsettling event has sent shockwaves through the region, raising concerns about the volatile situation at the border.

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The repercussions of these clashes have been far-reaching. In the aftermath of the violence, the Torkham crossing border has been forcibly shut down. This closure has profoundly impacted Afghan traders, who are in a precarious situation. They are stranded, unable to conduct their cross-border business activities and face the looming risk of losing their valuable properties on both sides of the border.

The closure of the Torkham border has disrupted trade and worsened an already fragile situation. On Monday, the Pakistani Foreign Minister said that the border closure is a response to the Afghan government’s infrastructure construction within Pakistani territory.

As of now, there has yet to be an official response from the Taliban administration regarding this statement from the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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